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My first time

It was some rainy night in winter 2010 when I was sitting in front of my computer. Hesitating. It should be the beginning of a long journeyMore...


Flying with the Docs

End of 2017 I had the exceptional opportunity to join German Bundeswehr's MedEvacs for some days. More...


The Souls of Mosul

July 2017, Mosul. As the liberation of Mosul keeps being announced there's still heavy blasts and intense firefights in some neighborhoods of Old Town. More...


The Horrors of War

July 2017, Mosul. After several days of declaring the liberation of Mosul there are still nests of Daesh in two neighborhoods of Old Town. More...


Unsung Heroes

So called „fixers“ are people in conflict areas who organize things for foreigners, mostly journalists. More...


Traces of Hope

I personally believe in the good, the considerate, the reflected perspective and what it can do. Or what it can prevent from happening. I believe that our world needs more positive impulses. More...


Sisters in Arms

After several weeks of researching, talking and begging I was allowed to visit some female KRG Peshmerga. More...



Peshmerga means literally „those who face death“. They are the official military of the Autonomous Region of Kurdistan, and they are responsible for defending land, people and institutions. More...

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