In spring 2020, Covid-19 kicked in and changed, well, everything. We all were puzzled, irritated and insecure about what the hell was going on. And while many of us were complaining about the inconvenience of the lock-down, others were doing their job: Doctors and nurses.

I have been hospitalized many times in my life, so when being asked by Paul Hartmann AG to shoot a documentary on "Infection Warriors", I did not even blink before saying yes, because the more extreme the circumstances, the more interesting the people are who are fighting for the greater good despite it all. Most of them are so focused on their goals, they don’t have the time to get the public attention they deserve. You can’t praise them enough. With my photos, I want to give these heroes a stage – and the crisis a hopeful face. I hope to inspire others to act with respect, empathy, and humanity.

„Empathy is what keeps the global community together. With my pictures, I try to make a small contribution.”

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