Traces of Hope

There is not a lot we can do about their past.
But a lot we can do about their future.

Respect. Empathy. Support.

It’s becoming a difficult thing to be optimistic these days.
War. Terror. Economic crises. It feels like the world is going down the drain, and the lot of us is sitting in the front row, scared and insecure.And as always in history, there’s a significant correlation between fear and aggression. Between insecurity and unreflected anger.

More often than not people find themselves pointing a finger towards the „obvious“ roots of all problems: The other religion. The other ethnic group. The other economic model. The other way of life. A fountain of ignorance is tapped, the latter being shared and emphasized by many. And there is nothing one can do about it. Or... is it?

I personally believe in the good, the considerate, the reflected perspective and what it can do. Or what it can prevent from happening. I strongly believe that our world needs more positive impulses. By media, by word-of-mouth, by us when talking to our families and friends. Therefore I want to contribute in my limited range to make the world a little brighter.

As it is my firm believe that this is exactly what many people want, no, need to see these days, and that is why I do what I do. I go and try to find Traces of Hope.
Traces of Hope are about and for those who matter most: Kids.
If we fail in giving them hope, dreams and a real perspective - how can we ever expect extremism and radicalism to end?

Traces of Hope

You would like to  support?
Help kids, IDPs or refugess?
I think you are awesome!
Below are some fantastic organizations
I'd like you to check out.

My Partners

I work with some of the most amazing folks when it comes to helping people on the ground.

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